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Why choose CJ Gemini as your accountants?aat licensed accountant northampton

Here at CJ Gemini, we are AAT Licensed Accountants, ensuring that we can provide a quality service in preparing and filing accounts for Limited Companies, Sole Traders and Partnerships. Whether you are managing a small to large-sized business, our team of specialised accountants are entirely focused on helping your business flourish and to help you accomplish your main objectives.
We can also complete your corporation tax, self-assessments and all other ranges of HMRC correspondence. We guarantee you will meet all of your statutory requirements and remain compliant.

We can prepare and support you with:

  • Management accounts

  • Business plans

  • Budgets 

  • Cash flow forecasts

More importantly, we will talk to you in plain English and not blind you with confusing technical terminology. We pride ourselves in aiming for full transparency between ourselves and you, to ensure that everyone is on the same page at every step of the way. 
We are a small company and understand the needs of practical experience and practical advice. It is our job to help you understand how your accounts can impact and improve your business. At the end of the day, we offer an extensive range of accountancy services that will likely meet all of your needs and requirements; providing you with peace of mind.

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5 more reasons why you should hire our accountants for your small business

If you’ve just set up a small business, or you’re thinking of doing so in the near future, your mind is probably on everything other than the company’s tax affairs. You’ll be looking into getting investors, finding an office space, and seeking out employees. Despite this, employing an accountant could be one of the best decisions you make when setting up your business.
If you own a small business or are just setting one up, every penny is going to count. This might be why you see hiring an accountant as a needless expense, especially if you have a bit of experience in accounting yourself. Hiring an account does have a number of benefits though, not least giving you a bit of extra time to focus on the aspects of your business that really matter to you. If you’re still not convinced, below are the top five reasons why you should hire an account for your small business.

1. Saving time

When you start up a small business, your main aim is to generate more business and also complete the work for clients you already have. This is clearly important if you want to generate customer loyalty and keep profits high.
Generating new business leads and also keeping on top of current jobs can be incredibly time consuming in itself, and if you’re also keeping a record of what you’ve spent and earned it you can quickly find the work becoming too much.
So this is the first reason why you should hire an accountant. Although it may initially mean paying another salary, it’ll mean you have far more free time to pursue new leads and grow your business. Accountants also have expert knowledge about the ins and outs of tax laws as well as the various regulations and deadlines your company needs to meet.
You could look all this up yourself, but employing someone who already has this knowledge will allow you to use your time more efficiently and focus on what really matters to your business.

2. Reducing tax liability

Making sure you adhere to tax laws is crucial when it comes to starting up your small business. Although you may have some knowledge of tax laws already, an accountant will know the real detail and also keep up to date with any changes that may occur.
Accountants can also advise you on the most tax efficient way to run your business which will vary depending on the size of your business and a number of other factors.
Accountants can also advise you on a number of other legal aspects of your business including what you can and can’t claim on expenses and the benefits of using a flat rate VAT scheme.


3. Avoiding penalties and fines

As previously said, although you might be pretty up on your accounting skills yourself, it is possible that, with an increasing work load, you might let a few things slip. This can especially be the case during the early days of a business where everything can be a bit chaotic before it settles down.
Keeping everything documented and sticking to deadlines is incredibly important though. Failing to stick to deadlines or keeping improper paperwork can lead to fines and penalties which your small business doesn’t need in its early days.

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4. Growing your business

A good accountant won’t just keep on top of your finances, they’ll also provide you with advice which will help you to grow your company. They can also provide you with any information you might need to make big decisions about where your company is going. Can you afford the expansion? When can you expect to make the money back? All of these questions can be answered by your accountant.
Accountants will normally have worked in similar businesses to yours, so they can also give advice based on their experience in other companies and things they have read. All of this can be invaluable if you’re looking to expand or develop your business.

5. Networking and referrals

If your accountant has worked in other businesses before, they can also be a great way to network with other people in the business community. This could mean recommending possible employees, or maybe recommending other businesses to partner up with. Beyond this, it can also help you gain extra clients too.
It’s important to remember that beyond the obvious benefits of having an accountant, there are also certain unseen benefits. This includes both giving advice and providing networking opportunities to help you grow and improve your business.
These are just a few of the many benefits that come from hiring a professional accountant. So, although it might initially seem like an unnecessary expense, you’ll soon find that hiring an accountant was one of the best decisions you made when you started your small business. In several months’ or years’ time, you’ll be happy you made the investment and that your accounts are organised thoroughly and you’re up to date on your taxes. All this without the need to take the time yourself, so you can focus on what your business really needs!